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Book Bonanza

Book Bonanza is the creation of Author Colleen Hoover and her sisters, Lin Reynolds and Murphy Rae.  They dreamed of an event where readers could meet their favorite authors and also raise money to help others. Through our annual events and raffles, we have raised over $900,000 for nonprofits partners.  The Michael J Fox Foundation, Reach Out and Read, SafeHouse Denver, buildOn, Reading is Fundamental, To Write Love on Her Arms, Akola Academy, Kulture City, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, The Wayfarer Foundation, Shadow Ranch, and numerous Food Banks are recipients of this collective giving.  

Book Bonanza 2024 will be held June 13-15, 2024 in Grapevine, TX.

Book Bonanza 2024 Attendees FAQ


  • What is the Book Bonanza 2024 website?



  • Where can I find information about Book Bonanza 2024?

    • All info will be posted on the Book Bonanza website and the Book Bonanza Attendees page is a great place to learn more.  If you are a solo traveler, there is a Solo Club for Book Bonanza and a Book Bonanza Travelers page on Facebook.


  • Where do I find the Book Bonanza app?

    • The Book Bonanza app isn't available yet but will available to tickets holders in the Apple and Google stores.

  • Does my child or partner need a ticket if they aren’t getting anything signed?

    • Everyone attending the event (signings, parties, panels, etc.) is required to have a ticket to enter in order to accommodate everyone comfortably.


  • Is the event 18+?

    • The minimum age for Book Bonanza is 12, however some images may not be appropriate.


  • How many tickets will be sold for BB24?

    • About 1500 will be sold. In total, we will have about 2500 attendees including authors, assistants, volunteers and attendees.

  • Are there different price levels for tickets that give me more access to authors & events?

    • No, your ticket gives you access to all events, the swag bag and lunch on Friday and Saturday.


  • If I purchase a ticket for BB24 and am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

    • We don’t offer refunds since this event is held to raise funds for charity; however, if there is a waitlist, we will buy back your ticket and resell it to the waitlist.

  • Will there be a limit to how many books I can get signed?

    • Some authors will have limits at their own discretion. As that information is shared with us, we will share it with you via the Book Bonanza app


  • Will every author have pre-orders?

    • This event consists of authors who publish in different ways so pre-orders will be up to each individual author. Information will be shared with you as it is shared with us. The preorder list can be found on our Book Bonanza Attendees page in the Files section. 


  • Can I get something other than books signed at BB?

    • Yes! Non-book items brought by attendees in the past include canvas, tote bags, homemade scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks, posters, e-book covers, book plates, tumblers, picture frame mats. Be sure to test the best writing utensil for your item but also keep in mind that some authors may prefer to use their own pen or marker.


  • Is there a limit to how many authors I can visit during the signings?

    • No, visit as many as possible!


  • What is the closest airport to fly into?

    • Dallas-Fort Worth Airport but Dallas Love Field is about 30 minutes away.


  • How do I transfer or make changes to my hotel room?

    • Please contact the hotel directly


  • Is there a discounted room rate at the Gaylord?

    • Yes, they are offering a discounted rate to ticket holders. The hotel link will be emailed as part of your ticket confirmation. Please fill out the Help Form if you need the link


  • When booking my room with Gaylord, is the entire cost due at booking?

    • No, one night deposit will be due 90 days before the event, a hold will be placed on your card for incidentals when you arrive and the rest is due at check out.



  • Can our non-ticketed guests get food? 

    • If you preorder breakfast and dinners, you can get them food in a to-go box but they aren’t allowed to enter the Book Bonanza Cafe without a BB ticket. Lunch on Friday and Saturday is for registered attendees only. 


  • Are we able to see where we are on the waitlist?

    •  No 


  • Will there be food trucks? 

    • No, food trucks traditionally aren’t able to mass-produce food in the short turn-around times we have for meal breaks. 


  • Do I have to purchase additional tickets for the events hosted by Book Bonanza?

    •  No, your one ticket guarantees you admission to every event hosted by Book Bonanza. 


  • Is the water park included in our Gaylord reservation? 

    • Yes, 4 passes are included in your hotel fee. 


  • Can I use Gaylord’s waterpark if I don’t have a hotel reservation? 

    • No, you can only get water park passes if you have a hotel reservation.


  • How much is parking at Gaylord?

    •  $18 to park in the convention center garage. Go to the BB Help Desk to get a sticker that gets you out of the garage for $18. You’ll have to do this each day.


  • Does the Gaylord offer shuttle service to and from the airport? 

    • No, Uber/Lyft is your best option. 


  • What is the rule & size for carts in the signing room? 

    • Carts can be no bigger than 18"x18"x18". You can have a lid on the cart that doubles as a seat. You can't stack your cart though. 


  • What size boxes will FedEx offer for shipping our books home and how much will it cost? 

    • We don't know the box sizes for shipping yet. FedEx is going to run shipping this year. If they offer two sizes in our shipping area, you can always go to their shipping center and pick any size box.


  • How many books/items will each author sign? 

    • This is up to the author’s discretion, some will have limits while others won’t. We will try to include any limits on the author’s app page. 


  • Will I see every author I want in two days? 

    • In the past, most readers were able to see most authors on their list. Keep your list reasonable, prioritizing your Unicorn Authors and use the author seating chart to make a game plan. The seating chart will be posted closer to the event.


  • Will there be a space to decompress? 

    • We are having a lounge inside the signing room and the cafe will be open with seating.


  • Will authors and narrators be wristbanded? 

    • Yes, certain authors and narrators will be wristbanded. 


  • How does the wristband process work? 

    • We are changing the wristband process for BB24. We will post the instructions before the event. 


  • I have a disability and need accommodations for the event.  How do I get help? 


  • Are wheelchairs and scooters allowed?

    • Wheelchairs and scooters are allowed and you need to fill out an accommodations request at

    • Wheelchairs and scooters may have a separate entrance, waiting area, lineup area and other accommodations in order to maintain safety for all involved.

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