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Book Bonanza 2023 Ticket Information

Book Bonanza Tickets are Sold Out! All tickets from this point forward will be sold through Lyte.

Reselling Your Ticket

If you are unable to attend BB23, you can resell your ticket through our partner Lyte. This is the only way to transfer or sell a ticket to someone else. You can sell directly to someone using Lyte’s Private Exchange or to someone on the waiting list through Lyte’s Fan Exchange. The buyer of your ticket will pay the $25 Lyte fee. You will not be reimbursed for your original $8 fee. Tickets can be resold until June 1, 2023.

Buying a Resale Ticket

Tickets are available through the secondary market through our partner, Lyte. Do NOT try to purchase a ticket directly from anyone – they will not be valid. You can buy from a friend through Lyte’s Private Exchange or through the Book Bonanza Fan Exchange that utilizes a waiting list process. Both the Private Exchange and the Fan Exchange will charge a $25 service fee per ticket in addition to the $250 ticket price. This process guarantees authenticity of tickets, cancels the original ticket and reissues the buyer a new valid ticket. Payment plans are not available for resale tickets purchased

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