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Book Bonanza 2024 Ticket Information

Book Bonanza is SOLD OUT and there is a wait list of over 10,000.
Reselling Your Ticket

If you are unable to attend BB24 and we have a waitlist, we will buy back your ticket for $300 for an original ticket or $325 for a resale ticket. Fill out the Help Form to make this request:


The buyer of your ticket will pay the $25 fee. You will not be reimbursed for your original $10 fee. Tickets can be resold until May 1, 2024 or we announce that it's closed. This is driven by our print deadlines.

Buying a Resale Ticket

Tickets are available through Book Bonanza only. Do NOT try to purchase a ticket directly from anyone – they will not be valid.  We will charge a $25 service fee per ticket in addition to the $300 ticket price +$10 fee. This process guarantees authenticity of tickets, cancels the original ticket and reissues the buyer a new valid ticket. Tickets from the waitlist are 

Changing the Name on a Ticket

Ticket Name Change Info: If you are part of a group of two people where both of your names and emails were submitted together, one of you can change the name on a ticket for a fee of $25. We will ask who gets the $25 invoice and you will have 48 hours to make the payment once you receive the invoice. We will make name changes once a week. The person who holds the ticket will need to provide the information for the person they are changing the ticket to. Please allow a week for this to be processed. The new ticket holder will receive a confirmation email once it is complete.

Fill out this form to change the name on a ticket:

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