We always welcome donated books for our boxes and our store. We also purchase books at cost from authors we feel our readers will love.

Please make sure and sign any books you wish to donate before shipping. Books that are not signed will not be used.There is no minimum or maximum, just send what you wish. Swag is also welcome as long as it can fit into a 9×6 box.

The Bookworm Boxes center around romance-related novels for now, but we will soon be opening a physical store and are accepting signed novels for the store of any and all genres. Just ship one to three books to the address above and we will include your books on our bookshelves! Having your swag items included in The Bookworm Box is great branding and a wonderful way to get your creations in the hands of readers. If you are interested in donating swag to be used in The Bookworm Box, please make sure it fits into a 9×6 box. If you are interested in selling us swag at cost for a large order, please contact us at There is no minimum amount of swag items you need to send. We will accept whatever you are able to donate.

The Bookworm Box
PO BOX 1400
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482