Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is the Bookworm Box?

The Bookworm Box is a monthly subscription box service, and in our opinion a pretty neat one. It is also a bookstore located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The Bookworm Box was founded by NYT Bestselling Author, and DinoCorn lover, Colleen Hoover. The Bookworm Box is a 501c3 organization.

How Does the Monthly Subscription Work?

When you purchase an amazing box, your subscription will auto-renew on the 1st of each month. If, at any time you don’t want the box to auto-renew, you can skip a month or cancel your subscription, but who would want to do that? Remember that we only have a limited number of boxes available, so once you cancel, you may have to wait for a spot to open up again.

For more information see: Billing

How Do I Contact Someone For Help?

If this is a medical emergency, please do not contact us. Please use your local 911 service. However, you can make changes online to your account as needed, including ordering, skipping or cancelling your subscription. Should you need to contact us, send us an email. We usually respond to emails within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer if our team of bookworms are relaxing reading books.

All About the Box

What's in the Box?

Really awesome books autographed by the author, some other pretty sweet stuff and some packing materials.

Who Should Buy This Wonderful Box?

You! We have 7 totally rad, amazing choices to select from:

The Romance Bookworm Box Options
    We have five versions of this subscription. Some of the books could be considered risqué by some people. We think you should be at least 18 to read these books.
  • The Digital Box - For the Die-Hard reader with no need for physical attachment. The Digital box includes: 2 eBooks and a digital author letter. This subscription is emailed monthly on the 25th of each month.
  • The Minimalist Box - For those who need to hold and love the book they read! The Minimalist box includes: 1 autographed book, 1 eBook and an author letter.
  • The Author Stalker Box - For those who want our Exclusive Author PinMate to feel closer to your favorite author! The Author Stalker Box includes: 1 autographed book, 1 eBook, 1 PinMate, 1 author letter, 1 The Bookworm Box pen and author swag.
  • The Swag-Tastic Box - For those who want it all! The Swag-Tastic Box includes: 1 autographed book, 1 eBook, 1 author PinMate, 1 author letter, 1-2 bookish goodie items, 1 The Bookworm Box pen and author swag.
  • The It's All About the Books Box - For those who just want all the books by some amazing authors! The It's All About the Books Box includes: 2 autographed books, 2 eBooks, 1 author PinMate, 2 author letters, 1 The Bookworm Box pen and author swag.

The Young Adult Bookworm Box Options
    The books in our Young Adult boxes are just that, young adult books/genres. Young Adult books are typically recommended for ages 14 and up.
  • The Digital Box YA - For the Die-Hard Young Adult reader with no need for physical books! The Digital box includes: 2 Young Adult eBooks and a digital author letter. This subscription is emailed monthly on the 25th of each month.
  • The Swag-Tastic Box YA - For those Young Adult readers who want it all! The Young Adult Swag-Tastic box includes: 1 autographed YA book, 1 eBook, 1 author letter, 1-2 bookish goodie items, 1 custom candle created by The Bookworm Box and the featured author to pair with the book, 1 The Bookworm Box pen and author swag.

What Comes in a Bookworm Box?

Did you miss Who Should Buy this Wonderful box? All the details are there, but it is important to know that we fill your box with special books and goodies that we selected for your box. The goodies change every month, so you will have lots of Bookworm greatness coming your way.

How Are the Books Selected?

Good question, we are glad you asked. We curate the best works from some of your favorite authors and up-and-coming new authors. We do this so we can provide new books that you probably haven’t read while helping indie writers gain exposure.

Are There Any Extra Fees?

Only if you email us more than 5 times in a day, then we charge a homemade dessert. No there are not any extra fees, are you serious? Who even wrote this question?

Will You Announce Which Author(s) Will be Featured Each Month?

What are you a party pooper? No, we most certainly will not. We believe the element of surprise is a huge part of the fun with The Bookworm Box. We will not announce what your box will contain before you receive it. That just isn’t fun, good grief. If you are one of those and just can’t stand it, you can check out our last month box to get an idea of what we have featured. Facebook and Instagram are both great places to see what everyone got in the previous months as well.

Can I Get my Book Personalized?

The books are autographed by the author, but they cannot be personalized. Unless, you come to a signing in the bookstore, then sure, why not. For more information see Real Live Bookstore

Can I Order Multiple Boxes?

You most certainly can. In fact, order as many boxes as you like. We suggest ordering 117. However, if you order 117 boxes, you will for sure get some duplicate goodies you can give to your friends.

How Can I be a Featured Author?

If you feel like our audience would love your new book, please contact us at Every request to be in our boxes is reviewed by our Board of Directors, so email us and we will get it to them!


All of this sounds just out of this world spectacular, How do I order?

Right here!

Can I order a One Time Box?

Anytime you sign up, your box will be renewed each month. You have the option to sign up and cancel immediately after you receive your first box.

I Ordered my Box, Now What?

Orders must be placed by the 15th of each month in order to receive a box for that particular month. Any orders placed after the 15th will be processed for the following or next month.
I placed my order on:

  • 1-15: You will receive this month's box
  • 16-31: You receive next month’s box

But Why? I Don’t Understand?

On the 15th of each month, we stop the ordering process for that month. We do this because we have to start packing your incredible box and we have to print the shipping labels, and we have to... well, that’s it. There is a whole lot more to it, but you get the point.

Can I Buy a Subscription for Someone Else as a Gift?

Well, aren’t you the nicest person ever! You sure can! Simply sign up and enter the lucky recipient’s address as the shipping address. This lucky duck person will continue to receive monthly boxes for as long as you want. At any point, you can cancel the box or change the shipping information so the box comes directly to you!

How Do I Use a Coupon Code for Ordering?

Coupons are the best aren’t they? We believe so too, therefore we almost always have one. You can enter your coupon code when you sign up for your first box, before entering your payment information. Directly below the total for the order, there is an area to enter and apply your coupon code to the order. Please note: If you have already placed your order, you cannot apply a coupon code.

How Can I Order If There Are No Subscriptions Available?

Sign up for the waitlist! Due to the number of autographed books we can get from the authors we can only fulfill a certain number of boxes each month. The authors that sign our books for us have to ice their hands mid signing. Not really, we just thought that was funny. We typically stay sold out, but we do sometimes have a few openings each month.

We always, always, always announce on our Facebook and Instagram when new spots will be available. However, if you are on our waitlist you don’t have to watch social media. You will get an email from us before anyone else does! The subscriptions sometimes fill up in a matter of minutes, so please watch your email if you signed up for the waitlist and our social media pages so you know exactly when you can order!

How Does the Waitlist Work?

All you have to do is enter your information in the waitlist form. When we get ready to open subscriptions, we will email you and let you know that we have some open spots. Please make sure our emails don’t go to your spam folder. Your spot is not guaranteed. You will still have to go subscribe for your box here, like normal.

I am On the Waitlist and I Received an Email, Now What?

HURRY! Go sign up for your box like, RIGHT NOW. We will send an email to a handful of people on the waitlist and you will need to go to our website here and subscribe. After 48 hours of sending each email, we will send another email to the next group of lucky people on the waitlist. Just a reminder: Because you got an email from us does not guarantee your spot. You will need to subscribe to reserve your box.


Do You Ship Internationally?

Of course, we ship internationally. Please note that international orders take longer to arrive. We cannot guess how long your box might be in customs. We do know that after 90 days, if your box is still in customs then they might send you a letter letting you know your box got stuck. Please give your box at least 60-90 days to arrive.

When and Where Will My Box Ship?

Our boxes ship on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend, we try to ship the Friday before the 20th. So let's just say: Our boxes ship on the 20th-ish of each month.

  • US Family: We Ship USPS Priority Mail and they say packages will get to you in 2-3 days
  • International Family: We ship First Class mail

I Need to Change My Address, What Do I Do?

If at all possible, please change your shipping and billing address by the 31st of the month prior to billing on the 1st. You can make the address change by logging into your account and changing your address. You have to change it in 2 places. Open your subscription and change it there (so the label prints correctly) and change it with your billing information. If you change it in one place and not the other, your box just might ship to the old address!

If there is an emergency address change that happened between the 1st and 15th, please email us. We typically print labels on the 15th so if you have a change, please, pretty please with sugar on top, email us asap at

How Will I Know When My Box Has Shipped?

You will receive an email from us when your box has shipped. This email will contain your tracking information and you will be able to track your shipment from the moment it leaves us until it gets to your door. If you are in the US, we ship USPS Priority Mail. It should take around 2-3 business days for your box to arrive. If you are an international customer, it could take up to a month. Whoa! You heard us right, a whole month! Since the boxes have to go through customs, you just never know how long it will take. A good average is a little over a month from us to you internationally.

What if I haven't Received My Box?

Please double check your tracking email from us. If that doesn’t help, please email us at:

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

  • US Shipping is included in the price on: Digital, Minimalist, Author Stalker, Swag-Tastic and It's All about the Books boxes.

  • Shipping is $14.99USD for all International boxes

What Are My Shipping Options?

We recently tried carrier pigeons, but believe it or not international shipment took even longer than a month to arrive. So we have decided to continue using USPS. We do not offer an option to select a different method of shipping unless you have a drone service, then we might consider it.

Can I Just Pick My Box Up at The Store?

We would love for you to stop in and say Hi any time, however, you cannot pick your box up in person. Our boxes are hand packed with love in a different location and contain products exclusive to the box. You can stop by the store and buy other stuff though. We are open 5 days a week. We are reading on the 6th and 7th day.

Can I Track My Shipment?

Yeppers! You will receive an email each month when the boxes ship that contains a link for tracking your incredible box. USPS updates the tracking information at their discretion, so please don’t get angry with us if your box information hasn’t updated. Just give it 24 hours and it is usually all set to go. We know you are excited for your box, just give them a bit of time and they will get it done for you. For international shipments, it is up to each country whether they update the tracking information. In our experience, the tracking generally updates, but this is something we cannot control on our end.

Do I Have to Sign for My Box?

Not that we are aware of. USPS will leave your box without requiring signature if you are not home to receive it. We think they usually leave it by the front door, unless you have a really large mailbox.


What Forms of Payment Can I Use?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We are still trying to find a system that will accept rainbows, but so far, no luck.

When Does My Payment Get Charged Each Month?

The day you subscribe, you will be charged for your first box. After that, billing occurs on the 1st of each month.

What Do I Do if My Credit Card Was Declined?

Sometimes credit cards expire, imagine that! If you get an email from us that your credit card was declined, don’t worry. Just go into your account, change your credit card information and the system will try it again. If that doesn’t work, just email us and we are happy to help out.

Can I Pre-Pay for 3, 6 or 12 Months?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to prepay for multiple months. You will be charged immediately upon signup, then monthly on the 1st of each month.

How Do I Skip a Box?

You can easily access your account online to skip a month. After logging in, click ‘Edit’ and follow the prompts to skip a month. You must make this change before the 1st of the next month.

  • 1st - 30th: Skip the next month

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

How dare you ask such a question? You can’t cancel your subscription! That would be just plain ol’ silly. We are only kidding. You can access your account online to cancel your subscription. You must make this change before the 1st of the next month to be effective before the next shipment.

Online Bookstore

Where Can I Buy Autographed Books and other really cool stuff?

Well, we have a treat for you! You can buy ANY of the books in our physical bookstore ONLINE! Easy peasy, you don't even have to travel! Just visit: The Bookworm Box Online Bookstore

I Cannot Login to The Bookworm Box Online Bookstore?

If you are a current subscriber of our monthly box, you will have to create a new login/password to the online bookstore. The monthly subscriptions are hosted with Cratejoy (a monthly subscription box company) and the online bookstore is managed separately. Does that make any sense whatsover?

Real Life Bookstore (With Humans)

Where Can I Buy Other Great Books?

The Bookworm Box is a real, life bookstore with humans inside. All books in the real live bookstore are signed by the authors! We are open:

  • Tuesday – Thursday from 9am–5pm CST
  • Friday/Saturday from 12-7pm CST

Where Can I Get Information on In-Store Events?

Did you know the store has events like this all the time? Well, not ALL the time, but sometimes. You can be ‘in the know’ by following our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram and signing up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page.

I Can’t Make it to The Gigantic Town of Sulphur Springs, Texas, What Do I Do?

Believe it or not, we have an online shop. We are constantly updating it with new amazing books and other pretty neat stuff. So go check it out, like right now, and buy it all! Visit our online shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User Accounts

What Changes Can I Make to My Account?

By logging into your account online, you can edit your personal information including your name, shipping and billing address. You can also update your credit card information.

This is the same area that you would also skip a month or cancel your subscription.

How Do I Update My Credit Card Information?

We know how annoying it can be when your credit card expires. If you get an email from us that your credit card was declined, don’t worry. Just go into your account, change your credit card information and the system will try it again. If that doesn’t work, just email us and we are happy to help out. It is best to change your credit card information before the 1st of the next month. If you don’t, you will start getting lots of emails from us because we really don’t want you to miss your box!

NOTE: After about 15 days of your account having an expired card, your subscription is placed into an expired status. Once your account is expired, you will have to re-subscribe. The price of your box may change if you have to re-subscribe.

How Do I Change My Address?

If at all possible, please change your shipping and billing address by the 31st of the month prior to billing on the 1st. You can make the address change by logging into your account and changing your address. You have to change it in 2 places. Open your subscription and change it there (so the label prints correctly) and change it with your billing information. If you change it in one place and not the other, your box just might ship to the old address!

If there is an emergency address change that happened between the 1st and 14th, please email us. We print labels on the 16th so if you have a change, please, pretty please with sugar on top, email us asap.

What if I Forgot my UserID or Password?

Your UserID is your email address. If you can’t remember what email you used, contact us at and we can look it up for you.

If you forgot your password, go to our website and click Login. There will be an option on that screen for Forgot Password. You can enter your email address and we will email you with a password reset. If you don’t get that email be sure and check the Spam folder.

Kindness Gift

What is The Kindness Gift?

The Kindness Gift idea was created by you, our Bookworm family! You guys have the most giving hearts and have asked that we create a way for you to pay it forward and donate a gift to someone who needs some extra kindness. We are pretty excited and hope you are too.

How Does it Work?

The Kindness Gift is a gift you can purchase for an anonymous person. The Kindness Gift costs $15 and includes 1 book and some goodies. You can purchase the Kindness gift in our online store and use coupon code: BookwormsPayItForward during checkout. Using the coupon code ensures the website doesn’t include shipping.

NOTE: Don’t forget to use the coupon code: BookwormsPayItForward

What Comes in The Kindness Gift?

The Kindness Gift comes with 1 randomly selected book and is stuffed with goodies like author swag and other The Bookworm Box items.

I Know Someone Who Needs Extra Kindness, What do I do?

All you have to do is complete the Nominate Kindness Recipient form.

Will I know who my Kindness Gift goes to?

Since you, our family came up with this idea, all the suggestions asked that the Kindness Gifts be anonymous. Each gift will contain a card letting the recipient know that The Bookworm Box family has sent them their special gift.

When Will The Bookworm Box Send Out The Kindness Gifts?

At the end of every month, we will gather all the Kindness Gifts and nominees and spread your kindness all over the planet. Example: If 1000 kindness gifts were purchased, we will send out 1000 kindness gifts for that month.

Will Every Kindness Nominee Receive a Kindness Gift?

As you can imagine, there are lots of people on this planet than need some much-needed extra kindness. We will do our very best to ensure those that need the most kindness gets your special Kindness Gift.

I am Ready to Purchase a Kindness Gift. How do I do That?

Right here

Will I Get a Tax Donation Form for Purchasing The Kindness Gift?

No. The Kindness Gift is designed to pay it forward and is not considered a donation to The Bookworm Box.


How Do I Donate Books or Related Merchandise?

Aside from great karma, adding your books and products to The Bookworm Box subscription boxes is a great opportunity for everyone! If you have books that you want to donate to the store, please just mail them to us. If you have swag that you would like added to our boxes, please mail that to us too. If you just want to send us something because you love us so much, please please definitely do that.

Send all your gifts to:
The Bookworm Box
204 Main St
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

All Profits are Donated to Charity!

Do You Use Donated Books in the Subscription Box?

We WISH! If you are willing to donate enough books for them to go in our boxes we will most certainly consider it. However, that is a lot of books. When you donate books to us, they are immediately put in the bookstore. Our Board of Directors takes book selection very seriously and works really hard to pick the perfect books for our boxes.

What Charities Have Received Donations From The Bookworm Box?

We are proud to have donated over a million dollars in 3 years and have donated to countless charities to date, many of those charities suggested by our Bookworm Box family. You can check out some of the charities we have donated to here.

How Can I Recommend a Charity to Receive Donations From The Bookworm Box?

To suggest your favorite charity, please complete the donations form.

I Have a Product That I Make Myself and Would Love to be Featured in a Bookworm Box, What Do I Do?

First off, we are totally honored, thrilled and excited that you would consider us! Please email us at

Replacements Exchanges & Returns

What If I Don’t Receive My Subscription Box?

If you have not received your box by the 5th of the FOLLOWING month (domestic), or the 15th (international) - then please email us at
Just a reminder for international customers, boxes can be in customs for a long time. We have no idea when they will be released.

What If I Receive Something That is Damaged or Missing?

We make every effort to ensure that our boxes are packed to survive the elements involved in the shipping process, but occasionally accidents happen. If you receive your box with damaged or missing products, please email us at

What If I Receive a Book That I Already Owned?

You must be a bookworm! If you happen to already have a signed copy of the book you received in your monthly subscription box, please use your book as a gift! We are all about paying it forward.

Or you can visit our Bookworm Box Swap on Facebook to make a trade.